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     I am Susan Sanders, a licensed psychotherapist, therapist, and counselor in St. Petersburg, Pinellas County, Florida. I have been practicing counseling and therapy for over twenty years.  After moving to Florida in 2005, I am pleased to now have a private practice in northeast St. Petersburg on Beach Drive, a few blocks from the Vinoy Hotel. I have broad clinical experience which encompasses, but is not limited to, depression, anxiety, self worth, relationship difficulties, stress, grief and loss, childhood trauma, and life transitions.

     I enjoy working with both men and women, many of whom were new to therapy. I welcome people who are experiencing a variety of concerns, and who want to create lasting, positive changes in their lives and relationships. 

     My personal style is interactive, empathic, and respectful of individual values and choices. Through developing trust, listening in particular ways to understand and examine clients' experiences, and working collaboratively, clients and I have successfully worked together and brought about positive change. This alliance and investigation has supported clients to develop better ways to cope with immediate stressors, create more supportive and positive relationships, improve self-esteem, resolve long-standing grief, and work toward deeper, more lasting personal growth.

     I believe the ultimate aim of the work of therapy is to develop better understanding and insight into ourselves and others, increase communication skills, create healthy and caring relationships, and improve the overall quality of our lives. It is also my belief and experience that these changes can occur at any age, any time in one's life.
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840 Beach Dr. NE, St. Petersburg, Fl 33701                                727-385-9679